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Apollo Publications Ltd. was established in 2008 to publish a series of philosophical and spiritual works.

Apollo’s first publication, Caduceus by Robert Hamilton is a unique philosophical and spiritual text based on fact and best evidence.

This initial publication makes the case for the identification of the initial, common and unifying element of all religions and spiritual movements; moreover the book presents the case for and identifies the parallel and shared elements of the Kundalini experience and the Near-death experience.

Apollo Publications feels that Caduceus fills a gap in the marketplace, whilst there are authors who have written on specific and related topics discussed within Caduceus, we feel that there is no one book ‘out there’ which has brought all the elements together as Caduceus has endeavored to achieve.

Caduceus and its research provide the foundation for forthcoming publications by Apollo.


A New Perspective on Historical Knowledge and The Spirituality of Man
by Robert Hamilton

 Caduceus is a unique spiritual text for a new era. Unique in character as Hamilton bases this text on fact and best evidence from a variety of sources which transcends the globe and its religions. After posing difficult questions to the ‘scientific fraternity’ Caduceus opens the mind with anomalies in ancient histories and thereafter reveals details of a specific and profound subjective experience. This ‘illuminating’ occurrence is evidenced in many ancient spiritual and religious texts and several philosophical works. Indeed it has been experienced, spoken or written of by some of the greatest minds in history such as Plato, Nietzsche, Jung and by many others but moreover by the initiators of our religious and spiritual movements.

With this preponderance of evidence, how has this experience remained unacknowledged by so many and for as long?

Hamilton cites this very specific experience as being at the emergence of our religions, at the very foundations of our spiritual thought and therefore the codes by which we live today. It has pervaded our lives and our existence yet we know little of this experience and of the global unifying potential it affords. Furthermore evidence is provided pertaining to the remarkable and perplexing parallels of this experience to that of the ‘near-death experience’.

What does this all mean? ... You let the evidence decide.

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Status: Available February 2009


Illumination: My Experience and Subsequent Thoughts
by Robert Hamilton

Status: On-going project: anticipated availability


by R.B.Hamilton

Anomalia: This work is intended to present exotic and spiritual sites on earth for the contemplative individual with little time to wander. Across the globe there exists a multitude of locations of antiquity, BC and early AD, constructed by beings of thought. These anomalous structures are at variance with traditional understanding of how ancient cultures could accomplish such constructions without the benefit of modern day technology and possess such parallels by cultures that should have had no interaction.

Interest in ancient cultures may lead one to travel, touch and see for one’s self these structures. One’s lack of time in this material world may dictate the way in which we consider travelling to such locations and how we achieve this.

Status: Work in progress


It Is As It Is
by Robert Hamilton

A collection of works by Robert Hamilton; poems or thoughts in prose incorporating three titles:


Status: Being prepared for release


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